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Invest in the future of Healthcare

We are a venture capital fund backing extraordinary founders and companies that are transforming the most fundamental building block of life: Health.

Our mission is to help the underserved and create access to healthcare for all people in living in emerging countries across the globe.

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Get access to a broad portfolio of healthtech startups

Empress ventures allows you to invest in the most innovative healthtech startups in Emerging Markets. From Mexico to Indonesia, from Brazil to India. We pool investors together and invest in a diversified group of startups across different countries and healthtech sectors in emerging markets.

'Change appears to happen slowly,
and then all at once'

Thematic Investment Focus

 We focus on those technologies in the Health Tech space that are likely to scale as technologies converge, and the industry get transformed.

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Preventative Health
Retail healthcare, blood testing, lifestyle apps.

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Saas / Platforms
Clinical SW, payroll, accounting, workflow management, etc.


Virtual hospitals, remote care, home care.

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AI & Big Data
Pattern recognition, machine learning, outcome prediction, population health.


Precision Therapies
Crispr, Microbiome, TGS, DNA/RNA/Gene editing, Proteine/TPA.

Addressing key demographic and healthcare trends in Emerging Markets


Ageing Populations and fast growing middleclass
Higher disposable income driving demand for healthcare services


Social Inequality
Lot of people cannot afford basic healthcare


Young and Mobile Savy population
Av. age in latam is 29.5, vs 38.1 in USA and 44.1 in EU


Abundance of Tech Talent
Good tech uni's and inflow of tech talents from USA and EU


Unhealthy Population
Obesity, cardiovascular disease, oncology, and diabetis put pressure on already overloaded healthcare systems


Staff Shortages
Leading to incapacity to serve and lower levels of care


Weak infrastructure and slow tech adoption
Old-school system, ready for digital disruption


Focus shifiting from treatment to prevention
Consumer engagmement in health; living healthier, diagnosing earlier

Lot of startup activity to transform system, but shortage of funding

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Invest out of the Herd

Investors need to stay away from the herd to outperform. With Empress Ventures you get exposure to a less crowded market at an early stage. Resulting in large upside potential. 

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